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Zoning Officer Review of Waste Storage Tank

Right-To-Know_Zoning Document

The East Coventry Zoning Officer reviewed the waste storage tank permit application. He documented the need for multiple zoning variances before township approval of the waste storage tank. The application never went before the Zoning Hearing Board.

Residents may want to ask Township officials these questions:


  1. Did the Zoning Officer change his opinion about the variances? If so, are there supporting documents?

  2. Why was the Waste Storage Tank permit granted without being referred to the Zoning Hearing Board?  Where is the documentation that explains these decisions?

  3. Did the BOS approve the Waste Storage Tank Permit without having the Zoning Officer amend his original finding?

  4. Have all the other conditions presented by the Zoning Officer been satisfied? If so, how and where is that documentation?

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