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Pipes Removed 12/19/2022

Harry Weaver, the Code/Zoning Officer, called East Coventry Advocacy on December 19th. He said that he talked to Nolt's and they said the pipes in the photo were being removed from the site, not being delivered.

 If anyone sees the pipes again, take a photo, send it and we'll forward it on to Harry.

12/01/2022 Photo from 851 Bethel Church Road

Our measurements indicate that these are 1 foot in diameter pipes and there is around 480 feet of pipe.

Based on the lengths listed in the FRP Waste Pit Design documents (available in the Documents section of the website), this would be around the amounts needed for the Subsurface Drainage Field that would take fluid from the Waste Pit, through East Coventry, into East Vincent and drain into Stony Run.

Questions include:

1) If there is no Waste Pit permit, what is the use for these pipes? Is there another permit pending for the FPR Waste Pit?

2) Per the attached Zoning Officer's note (highlighted), if there is more than 5,000 square feet of ground disturbance, there needs to be a permit. 480 feet of pipe is going to disturb more than 5,000 square feet of ground. Where is the permit?

3) As the water table is high at 851 Bethel Church Road, are these pipes to be used to drain the suspected wetlands and/or intermittent streams? Once again, where is the permit?

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