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Nolt’s Building Permit Application and Related Documents, 10/21/2021

This 51 page document contains correspondence between East Coventry Township and representatives of Nolt’s Trucking related to the Building Permit Application for the FPR Waste Pit at 851 Bethel Church Road and the intention of Nolt’s Trucking to inject FPR into all of the land in the Township that Nolt’s owns (both at 851 Bethel Church Road and 970 Elbehare Road)




Page 30:  Three locations of “other storages and farms also operated by LZN Trucking.”  Two of these addresses are in Lancaster County and one is in Lebanon County


Page 32:  “No structures will be removed from the property and no additional driveways will be added. “July 14, 2021 

East Coventry Township issued a demolition permit at Nolt’s request on 8/24/2022 for the removal of 4 buildings and 3 silos and the partial removal of 1 building at 851 Bethel Church Road. As one can see from the road, the demolition has happened.  If there was any type of review (historical or otherwise), those documents have not been provided.


Page 40:  “The majority of the FPR that is imported and stored will be utilized at 851 Bethel Church Road.  However, Spring City Acres, LLC owns an additional 25 acres located at 970 Elbehare Road that they also plan to utilize the FPR as the fertilizer source for the planned crops on those acres.”   September 11, 2021

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