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To preserve East Coventry’s water resources, East Coventry Advocacy asks that the East Coventry Township Board of Supervisors take the following three actions:


Wellhead Protection Act:  Where is it and when will it be enacted?  Our lawyers tell us that you’ve discussed a draft with them and it was supposed to be on this month’s agenda.


Hire a Professional Engineer (PE) to review where FRP cannot be spread at properties owned by Nolt’s Trucking/Spring City Acres based on accurate watershed maps and the DEP Manual:  Status? At the November meeting, it was agreed that the Township’s Engineer would have first refusal and this item would also be on this month’s agenda.


We’ve interviewed BSTI – Environmental Consultants | Cochranville, PA and believe they are a reasonable fit due to 

  1. extensive experience with FPR issues in PA,

  2. long-standing relationship with our FPR-knowledgeable lawyers

  3. reasonable cost

  4. would provide deliverable by the end of January

  5. >product holds up if litigation happens.

BSTI would provide mapping of where FPR cannot be applied due to DEP regulations and a detailed report on the inaccuracies and omissions in the Nolt’s paperwork to DEP and to the Township.


Injunction by the Township to Nolt’s Trucking to halt all work on any properties they own in the Township until

  1. The engineering mapping report is delivered and reviewed by the Township and

  2. Nolt’s provides a written report about their activities related to the 12/1/22 pipe delivery and all services provided by R & S Property Services as noted in photographs.


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